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The Hedgehog spikes are available in a range of colours, including black, brown, beige and green.

Please note 1 box contains 10 (TEN) hedgehog strips, 1 box = 4.5 metres coverage (14 ft 9 ins).

Simply Choose the amount of boxes & colour you require;

Brown Black Green Metallic Clear Stone White
Brown Black Green Metallic Clear Stone White


The Intruder Excluder

The first step to protecting your property is to protect your boundaries so why not make life difficult for would be intruders whether it be an opportunist burglar or the career criminal they all need to be kept at bay, protecting your garden may be the best first step you can take in protecting your home - and the cheapest and possibly the best way to protect your garden could well be by fitting "Hedgehog spike" strips to your perimeter fences and walls. The spikes of the "hedgehog" strip will make any would be thief think twice before climbing over your fence or perimeter walling.

Animal Deterrent Spikes

As a nation of animal lovers we love our pets but that does not meant that we want our neighbour's cats or even wilder animals such as foxes invading our gardens and messing with our borders – the "Hedgehog spike" strips provides the perfect deterrent. The spikes which will not harm animals padded feet are placed in such a manner that they do not allow purchase for jumping animal or walking on walls and fences.

Hedgehog Spikes are ideal for

Fences  •  Gate Tops  •  Walls  •  Pipes  •  Window Ledges

About Hedgehog Strips

Easy to install, flexible, weather resistant and durable manufactured in UV stabilised polypropylene that can be easily cut and shaped with no more than a Stanley Knife - each strip is 450mm long x 45mm with three rows of staggered 17.5mm high cone shaped spikes and 14 No pre formed fixing holes available in boxes of ten units which will provide you with 4.5metres (24.8ft) of protection Hedgehog strips are provided in a range of six colours, black, brown, beige, green, silver and white so you can colour match the deterrent strips to your fence or wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the Hedgehog strips?

Each strip is 450mm long. They are 45mm wide, or can be split into 3 strips of 15mm width.

How many strips do I need for my fence or wall?

You will need to know the length and width of the fence, wall or surface you wish to cover. You can then use our handy calculator to work out how many strips you require. Remember that there are 10 strips to a box.

How long does delivery take?

If ordered before 3.30pm Monday - Friday, we strive to have your goods despatched within 1-2 working day by Royal Mail or courier dependent on quantity ordered.

How much does delivery cost?

The Hedgehog is available at great value for money and we offer a number of cost effective delivery options.

What animals will they deter?

Whilst its impossible to say exactly which animals or birds will be deterred by the Hedgehog spikes, as there are so many! The Hedgehog spikes are shown to be an effective deterrent against Cats, Pigeon, Birds and Foxes.

How are the strips attached to my fence or wall?

The Hedgehog is easy to fit yourself using screws. We are happy to provide advice and assistance on this where possible.

Are the strips legal?

Yes, the Hedgehog conforms to all safety and legal requirements and is recommended by the Police. The only requirements are that the product should be used on fences or walls over 6ft high, they should only be used on fence/wall tops and the warning signage provided should be clearly displayed.

Does the plastic material adequately deter intruders?

Most definitely. The plastic used is exceptionally robust and the Hedgehog spikes are surprisingly sharp and unbreakable. They cause extreme discomfort for anyone who tries to climb onto them.

Do I need any specialist tools or kit to fit them?

No! the strips are simply screwed into timber fences, for speed and ease an electronic screwdriver might make the job easier for you.

Why Choose Hedgehog Spikes

The effective, low-cost deterrent against unwelcome intruders.

Fits to tops of fences, gates, pipes, walls, sills etc.

Designed to deliver maximum discomfort, but minimum harm.

Unique multi-hinge design allows easy fixing to angled surfaces.


The Hedgehog Spike is a plastic fence security spike deterrent that will keep out intruders and unwanted animals such as cats from entering your garden or premises.


Taking the form of purpose-made strips of sharp cone-shaped spikes, the Hedgehog can be fitted to the tops of fences, walls, gates and other surfaces. Manufactured in the UK from robust, UV-stabilised polypropylene, it is weather resistant and extremely durable. Its unique hinged design enables the product to bend lengthways over concaves, corners or pipes, with the added capability to be trimmed into 3 narrower strips.


The length of each strip is 450mm (1.5ft).
The width of a whole strip is 45mm (1.8ins).
When split lengthways into 3, the width of each strip is 15mm (0.6ins).
The height of each cone is 17.5mm (0.7ins).
Each box contains 10 hedgehog strips, providing 4.5m (14.8ft) coverage whole, or 13.5m (44.4ft) when split into 3 narrower strips.


The Hedgehog is available in a range of colours, including black, brown, beige and green. For larger orders, the product can be supplied in most other standard colours. Please contact us to discuss.

Safety Legislation

Recommended by the Police and Crime Prevention Unit, the Hedgehog complies with all current and relevant legislation. Each box of 10 strips includes a free warning sign, which should be used in conjunction with the product. The strips should be fitted at 6ft high minimum, not be hidden in any way, and be used on the top of fences or walls.

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