Secure Your French Doors


Why improve your French Door Security

The way that french doors are made has always made them the easiest point of entry for a burglar. Not only do they usually have the same weak handles and cylinder locks featured on the front door, but they can be prised apart. You can secure your home and family by upgrading a few really easy to fit parts of your doors.

of burglaries are as a result of the intruder gaining access through the door.
Source : Office for National Statistics

4 Ways to Secure Your French Doors

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One key can unlock your front door,
back door, patio door, french door,
conservatory door, padlock,
garage door, gate and shed.

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We Won’t Post Your Keys

We do not send locks or keys out in the post, even by recorded delivery. If a posted delivery goes missing you could be waiting 14 days to find it, even signed for deliveries aren't trackable until delivered.

With the Euro-Secure DPD Predict service the lock and keys to your home are tracked every step of the way.

The keys to your home never fall in the wrong hands. You even get an email in the morning telling you what time you can expect your ultra-secure locks to arrive.

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Check out our recommended snap resistant locks