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Our Shed Bars are come in two different sizes

600mm to 900mm  £59.00

900mm to 1300mm  £79.00

How does the shed security bar protect you?

Intruders are increasingly looking to sheds as the value of their contents increases with valuable garden machinery and bikes.

The shed security bar is perhaps the most visible deterrent available for sheds, acting as a barricade across the doorway preventing access even if the locks are broken and the hinges removed.

Add a Euro Secure Padlock for a formidable looking and highly secure solution

Why do people choose this shed security bar?

Unlike other shed security bars we have tested, the strength from this box section construction withstands the most ferocious of attacks. The anti-drill curved head coach bolts supplied are secured inside the shed to prevent its removal.

Also customers who have bought the shed security bar with our padlock can have access to the shed using the house key rather than having to keep an extra key ‘somewhere safe’!

How to fit the shed bar

The telescopic extendable construction means that one size can nearly all shed door sizes. From our tests we recommend that the optimum position is a third of the way up the door. Simply drill 4 holes at the same height in the wall of the shed either side of the door ensuring holes go through timber framing and fasten the nuts to the inside of the shed.

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